Friday, June 15, 2012

Deathmobile for sale - Animal House fan must have!!!

This deathmobile from the movie "Animal House" is now for sale on Craigslist. If you are a big fan of the movie this deathmobile is a must have for party animal within.

1966 lincoln continental deathmobile animal house

Here is the low down on the car

From the barris star car collection, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the cult classic featuring John Belushi! National lampoon’s animal house is one of the most famous movies made, ever! The edited version is still played regularly on tv. The Deathmobile is by far one of the most easily recognized movie cars ever made! People flock to this car wherever it goes, people 30 and up all remember the car, people younger than 30 still get a kick out of the wild creation! The tank style turret has a roof top hatch door and a prop whistle. The lower section of the turret is made of a tinted plexi-glass so the driver can easily see what’s around him for safe driving. In parades the car is the favorite, take it to a show and you will steal the attention away from the nicest show cars there. It is a great attraction for businesses or a fun piece for any collection. After 30 years, people still get a chuckle when you even mention the name of the movie “animal house”. There are few movies made that stand the test of time, this movie and this car are both legendary!
* year: 1966
* make: Lincoln
* model: Continental
* trim: Deathmobile animal house

* engine size: 462 340hp
* transmission: automatic
* exterior color: black
* interior color: black 1966 Lincoln continental Deathmobile animal house

Here is the Scene from Animal House hen the deathmobile makes its appearance.

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