Friday, June 15, 2012

Aero Car - Flying BMW by Dave Major

by Delta Niner
The AeroCar 600 is a 1959 BMW 600 turned airplane! Created by Dave Major, this little vehicle is as much airplane as it is car. It has a handmade propeller turned by a 12 volt electric motor, a tail from a real airplane and tires from a Beech Jet 400A. It even has a custom dash with a working altimeter, airspeed indicator and aircraft compass!The car is street legal and has a 600cc 2 cylinder air cooled BMW engine in the rear. The front of the car opens up to allow "the pilot" to enter the aircraft. Dave displays the car at a variety of car shows where it is quite popular. The Aerocar 600 also appears in many art car parades around the country.

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